3 Best Content Designing Skills for Marketers

Don’t mind but your content is nothing but a CRAP piece, and no one is bothered to read what is written within…

This is the most disheartening and the painful message which any blogger or a content strategist gets to hear…and believe me, this can happen to anyone, me, you or anybody else who is reading this content right now to get some insight about the best content writing tips…

Often a content which grabs the attention eyeball of readers has something special and unique…is this you think???

Well, somehow this thought process is right but not completely and the biggest reason behind this is due to…willing to find out my reasoning????

Hey, for that you need to stay hooked to this writing further…

Skill 1 : Write For Human Interaction

I know it might have caused few of you to raise your eyebrows, but believe me, this is something which does really help in abundance.

Your content is basically a bridge or rather I must call it an interaction plank, which lets your services to interact with your users, with the help of content.

If your content lacks emotion, story-telling, and the human touch then it can never reach to hearts of your users, who are willing to hog the information through content which really does fit best to their taste.

Your users always look for something, which they can relate to, and they feel connect with it somewhere, that’s what bring them to read content.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to write from the heart not from the mind and deliver the content which fits best as per the users’ needs.

Skill 2 : Let There Be Visuals With Text

No one prefers to read the PLAIN-JANE OF TEXT, but if you add the VISUAL TREAT for your users by adding a number of graphics, banners, GIFs and some other images which speak and complement your text content in every possible manner, would really turn it to be an eye-candy for your readers.

We humans don’t mind, when something gets served to us with impeccable serving style, the visuals work as the garnishing on your content dessert.

So my advice; don’t let your content go wasted in the absence of relevant graphics and images.

Here you find 10 Web Resources for free Graphics and images

  • www.freepik.com
  • www.vecteezy.com
  • www.printasia.in
  • thenounproject.com
  • www.flaticon.com
  • lovesvg.com
  • pixabay.com
  • unsplash.com
  • www.pexels.com
  • www.1001fonts.com
  • www.fontspace.com
  •  www.template.net

Skill 3 : No Harm In Proof-Reading

Peoples are always looking for something new.

Did you notice the message behind this line or did your attention get focused on the grammatical faux pas, I know it must be only the grammatical error.

My lovely readers, I agree, you have the best command on the language, but we all are humans, and to err is human, therefore there is nothing wrong in proofreading what you wrote.

Your readers are quite cruel, when it comes to judging your work; they take no time in mentioning it in CAPS as a review for your content, that it is grammatically incorrect.

Unfortuanlty this can only bring you negative publicity and I feel sad to admit, but this very mistake land your users to grow more nearer to your competitors.

I know it sounds so terrible, but this is what it is, so play safe and stay in the battle to win the hearts of users, by delivering a well-proofread content.

Here you can find best ever to solve this problem

Try Grammarly

By following these minor but significant tools you can help your content to go VIRAL and serve its purpose with an ease, but one thing you must not forget,

Transform your content into customer-oriented and not the product-oriented, this way you can garner the attention which your writing skills always deserved.

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