3 Best Creative Tools For Non-Designer

Creativity knows no bounds…

How far this adage is fitting as per the current trends of creativity, which is beyond expression and indeed this is only due to the creativity that the funnel of sales keeps flowing seamlessly.

Undeniably the main aim behind any business to run is to gain profits, that can happen only when the business grow sales, but this very campaign of the business can die an infancy death if there is no creativity behind the promotional campaign of your business.

Are you unable to comprehend what am I referring to???

Ok, let me cite an example when was the last time an advertisement really attracted you, and you fell for the product because the way it was showcased in the advertisement???

  • In such situation if you look closely, it is all about the creativity which helped the product to get connected to viewers an established an emotional connection between business and consumer.
  • This is only due to the creativity which differentiates one company’s message from a competitor’s message and the very essence of creativity in marketing carves out the authenticity and aligns the marketing campaigns with the business’s core purpose.
  • It is futile to mention such brands which create an emotional connect with the customers, only standout and bear the brunt of the competition tsunami with an Elan.

In this run, there are certain tools, which you can take help from, I have compiled in this post further, just read ahead…

Tool 1 : Canva Graphic Design

This graphic design tool is basically used further to craft the impeccable graphic design for free. It helps your design to look professional, whether you have any size of the project, with Canva you can create an impression with your work, and the best part of this tool is that it does not require any design skills even.

With this tool, you can bring life to your lifeless vision and once you are ready to hit the most out of your design you can further post your image on different social media channels and you can resize or crop your design effortlessly.

On the other hand, the animation part, takes your design to the new dimension, letting your design to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd to beat the odds of competition. It does really save your time and help your design to stay consistent across the designs with team templates and design folders.

The baton of advantages does not stop here, rather it allows you to carve out the design, with any creativity-filled imagination, whether it is for designing a logo, a filter, a banner or a simple CTA button, with Canva, you get limitless options try and explore it higher on your imagination.

Tool 2 : Try Once Thrive Architect Plugin 

You cannot deny the fact that your targeted audience stays glued to your website only when they get the relevant content. But do you know something more which is significant is that how you present that content on your website?

Your audience base is very judgmental the moment they feel uncomfortable with your website, they take no time to chuck it without blinking their eyes, hence it is highly recommended for you to offer your audience, what are they looking for.

This very issue is resolved with the integration of Thrive Architect Plugin, which offers a range of beautiful, engaging and visually impressive content layouts in WordPress, consequently helping your website to gain its deserving recognition in no time.

Also, it helps the quotes in your web content to transform into the social media hype by letting your one-sentence summaries of your subheadings into clickable tweets.

In order to boost your lead generation, with this plugin you can customize the appearance of the sign-up forms and implement the email marketing tools, which works as the CTA option for your website.

Apart from these benefits, one most important aspect is the changing page for your website, if you are worried enough to pick the right template for your landing page, then you can pick them from the available templates on Thrive Architect plugin.

Tool 3 : Envato Market

This plugin is the compilation of everything in one platform, which can be installed for WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon. With this plugin as a customer, you get the help by receiving the updates on the premium Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon).
This very plugin allows the website to have the customers a very reliable and consistent experience throughout the website efficiently.

In order to download the Envato Market plugin, you have to follow certain steps to download it further, such as :
The latest version of the Envato Market plugin has to be downloaded from the docs/ folder as a WordPress installable package.

Here you must not click the Github “Download ZIP” button, this plugin has to be installed in the WordPress plugins directory as Envato-market and Github will not package the plugin correctly.

Installing the Envato Market plugin…

  • Download the Envato-market.zip and unpack the archive.
  • Upload envato-market to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Click the ‘Envato Market’ menu in WordPress and connect to API.

Remember, last but not the least, your product advertisement needs to be unique and something different which has never been experienced by the users before, but this can only be possible when you decide to integrate a number of creative tools, as mentioned above to be a part of your creative vision.

If your marketing strategy fails to capture the clarity of expression to draw the attention of the users towards your services, then no matter how well-designed or well-performing your services are, it would never gain its deserving recognition. Hence let the creative ball to bounce in your mind and let your thoughts and expressions to be filled with the relevant creativity.

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